Year 2017

Speakers 2017


1) Prof. Marit Sørensen Ph.D.

Professor of sports psychology – Norwegian School of Sports Studies in Oslo.

English teacher at primary school and teaching Physical Education in social and health care facilities.

Teaching deaf students.

Senior Advisor for Health support, National Institute for Public Health.



2)Prof. Adrian H. Taylor

Chair in Health Service Research, Plymouth University.

Adrian has worked in the field of exercise & health psychology, at 4 UK Universities (Brighton, De Montfort, Exeter, Plymouth).

Specialization: Exercise and Health Psychology, Sport and Health Sciences.

Editor in Chief of the interdisciplinary journal Mental Health and Physical Activity.

His main research focus is on the effects of exercise on psychological well being, and understanding how best to promote physical activity to enhance such outcomes



3) Mgr. Tereza Louková, Ph.D

Graduated from Charles University: Secondary school teacher education – Physical education and Psychology,

Since September 2008 Assistant professor at the Department of Psychology, University J.E. Purkyně, Ústí nad Labem

In 2013 postgraduate degree – Social psychology at Faculty of social sciences
MU Brno, Supervisor doc. Blahutková.

One of the main organizer of the International Conference of Psychomotricity.
Focus on Health Psychology, Mental hygiene, Sport Psychology and Psychomotricity.



4) Marte Bentzen, Ph.D

Researcher at the Department of Coaching and Psychology at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NSSS) on the international research project: Physical Activity as a Part in Treatment of Psychiatric Patients (“Psych Pat Project”).

Ph.D in sport science, degree in Applied physical activity, Teacher education.

Therapist in a psychiatric ward.

She is working as a consultant in several different rehabilitation institutions which are using customized physical activities as means of to increase activity level and overall well-being in adults patients.



5) PhDr. Martin Dlabal, Ph.D.

Psychology studies at the Philosophical Faculty, Palackého University in

Postgradual study of social psychology at the Philosophical faculty, Charles University in Prague;

Clinical psychologist at the Faculty Hospital na Bulovce, Prague;

Assistant Professor at the department of psychology, UJEP in Ústí nad
Labem. Focus on the hypnotic and non-hypnotic communicative strategic psychotherapy.



6 ) doc. PhDr. Běla Hátlová, Ph.D.

Study of Faculty of Physical Education – sport and psychology at Philosophical Faculty, Charles University in Prague.

Postgradual study of Kinanthropology, Sport psychology.

Docent at the department of psychology at UJEP in Ústí nad Labem.

Research focus on Sport Psychology and Health psychology.

She founded and with her students is developing use of Psychomotor therapy for psychiatric treatment in Czech Republic.



7) Anders Farholm

PhD-student at Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in Oslo, Department of
Coaching and Psychology

Focus on motivation for physical activity among individuals with severe mental illness.



8) Magne Hem Stenersen

Master study programme in Sports Science (Norwegian School of Sports Studies in

Physical Activity instructor in a various rehabilitation institutions and
organizations using adapted physical activity as a mean to
increase activity level and overall well-being among children,
adolescence and adults.

9) Mary – Anne Paterson

Therapeutic and Social Arts Practitioner, Lecturer, Workshop leader in U.K. Europe, Czech Republic, Israel and Russia.

Arts Therapist N. H. S. Rehab Hospital and Cancerkin Unit the Royal Free Hospital London. Working with clients in long term mental health care and the serious injury physiotherapy clinic.

Social Arts initiatives and Art Therapy with children, young adults and the elderly

from residential care institutions, hospitals and centres for the disabled in UK and Russia.

Respite weekends with refugees and exiles living in London and UK.


10) Mgr. Marianna Kollarová

Ph.D student at University P.J.Safarik in Košice department of Social psychology and work psychology.

Psychologist in Children’s home Spiššské Vlachy . Mediator and member of the Slovak Psychological Society.


11) doc. PaeDr. Marie Blahutková, Ph.D.

Vice dean for science and research at FSPS Masaryk University Brno

Assistant professor, psychologist and sport psychologist.

Focus on: Sport psychology, Theory and didactics of sport
gymnastics and rural dances, psycho-hygiene, coach psychology, health psychology,
social psychology in sport, leadership psychology for managers,
Teambuilding seminars.


12) PhDr. Hana Kynštová, Ph.D.

Graduated from Social Science at the University J. E. Purkyne in Usti nad Labem and Social Science at the University of Hradec Kralove.

Ph.D degree – Psychomotor therapy in diagnosis schizophrenia with a focus on resocialization supervised by . B. Hatlova.

She is working at the department of physiotherapy and occupational therapy, Faculty of Health Studies UJEP in Usti nad Labem





13) Mgr. Miroslava Papajiková

Master degree – Andragogy and personal management at FF UK in

And Master degree also Political Science at FSV UK in Prague.

Graduated of an annual accredited training program Mindful Body –
Laban’s movement analysis / Baternieff Fundamentals.

She educates in psychology, personal development, psychotherapy, and psychomotor.

Lecturer of motion classes, dancer and personal development consultant.

She is collecting her experience with dancing and conscious movement at
lessons and seminars of Czech and foreign lecturers.

She is fascinated with connection of body and mind. Focusing on
the possibilities how to use dance movement and conscious work
with the body to reduce the symptoms of social phobia and
general shyness toward greater self-confidence and healthier
self-concept of clients.



14) PhDr. Renata Hajná, Ph.D.

Assistant professor at the department of Psychology PF UJEP Ústí nad Labem,

School psychologist, Pedagogue, Family therapist.

With long experience in educational and psychological counseling in the school system.

Focus on developmental psychology, pedagogical psychology,
counselling psychology, educational and career counseling.