Year 2015

Speakers 2015

Milena Adámková Ségard,

  • Graduate
    of Masters and Postgraduate Studies at FTVS of Charles University
    in Prague, Subject of Kinantropology.

  • She
    studied physiotherapy and rehabilitation science at KU Leuven in

  • Assistant
    professor in the Department of Psychology of PF UJEP Ústí nad
    Labem, a lecturer in the field of health psychology and
    personality psychology.

  • She
    focuses on the use of movement and body work in therapy,
    especially eating disorders, psychotic disorders and improve of
    quality of life in common population.

  • At
    her work she follows work of B. Hátlové.


doc. PaedDr. Marie Blahutková, Ph.D.

  • Vice Dean for Science and Research at MU FSPS Brno (2006-2009)

  • Assistant professor, psychologist, sports psychologist.

  • Teaching activities in the area:

psychology, theory and didactics of gymnastics, psychomotor, Euro
team, Team-gym, theory and didactics of rhythmic gymnastics and
folk dances, mental hygiene,

Coaching psychology, health psychology, social psychology focusing
on sport psychology of coaching for managers, Teambuilding.

PhDr. Martin Dlabal, Ph.D.

  • Assistant professor at
    the Department of Psychology of PF UJEP Ústí nad Labem.

  • Registered Clinical
    Psychologist at the National Center, attestation in clinical

  • He deals with
    psychological counseling and psychotherapy.


Mgr. Kateřina Farová Gilová

  • She worked four years as a physiotherapist in Jedlička
    Institution and two years in the Hospital of Medical Education
    Centre for mentally disabled in the Federal Republic of Germany.
    In 2006 she graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and
    Sport at Charles University in Prague, subject of Physical and
    Work Education of health disabled.

  • Since 2010 she has been working as a psychomotor therapist in PN

  • She deals with rehabilitation programs in supportive treatment of
    patients with all types of psychiatric disorders.

  • Email:

Prof. Dr. Ludmila Fialová, Ph.D.

  • She works at the
    Department of Education, Psychology and Didactics at the Faculty
    of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in Prague.
    She guarantees branches of study Physical Education and Sport
    with specialization in Education and Teaching for secondary
    schools at UK FTVS.

  • She is an author
    of more than 270 scientific and professional articles,
    educational texts and research reports in 4 languages. She has
    written 5 Czech monographs, 15 chapters in a monograph, of which
    11 abroad. She was involved in solving of 24 grant tasks (7

  • For many years
    she examined body image as part of human self-approach. Her
    research is summarized in the monograph "The conception
    of own body – health
    , fitness, appearance".

  • She was awarded
    as „Woman of Month“in Czech science.

  • She is a member
    of the Scientific Council of FTVS UK Prague, PF UJEP Ústí nad

  • She
    also works as the chief editor of the scientific reviewed journal
    Czech kinanthropology.

  • Email:

PhDr. Běla Hátlová, PhD.

  • Graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport and
    Psychology at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University in
    Prague. Graduate of postgraduate studies of kinanthropology,
    sport psychology.

  • Senior lecturer at the Department of Psychology at PF UJEP Ústí
    nad Labem

  • She focuses on sports psychology and health psychology. She has
    founded and developed with her students use of psychomotor
    therapy in psychiatric care in the Czech Republic.

  • Contact:

PhDr. Eva Chalupová
(Tomešová), Ph.D.

  • Assistant
    Professor at the Department of Psychology at FTVS UK in Prague.

  • Mgr. –
    Kinanthropology FTVS UK Prague + Clinical psychology at the
    Faculty of Philosophy UK Prague.

  • Research focus:

Transcultural validation of questionnaire methods, psych
diagnostics in sport, applied sport psychology.


Marianne Irmler, Ph.D.