In years 2014 – 2017 the International conference of Psychomotricity was a part in the research project “Physical Activity as a part of psychiatric patient’s treatment” 7F14500 CZ 09 Czech – Norwegian Research Programme.

It was set up a cooperation between Department of Psychology PF UJEP and Department of Coaching, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in Oslo. The main interest was devoted to the motivation to physical activities by psychiatric patient’s.


Interview with Běla with English subtitles


Interview with Marit in English language:


Movie from the stay with outpatients in PsychPAT project with English subtitles:


The Principal Investigator of the PsychPAT project was Běla Hátlová from the Department of Psychology Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem. More than 30 years ago she has started to deal with implementation of physical exercises in the treatment of psychiatric patients in the Czech Republic. Under leading of her father psychiatrist Dr. Bašný and his colleagues as prof. Véle and others she started to realise research in this area. As kinesiotherapy and later psychomotor therapy she created publications about the use of physical exercises in psychiatry. Till this time she is in this field active and continues with students and colleagues in her work.

The leader of the Norwegian team in project was Marit Sorensen from the Department of coaching and psychology at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. As Běla Hátlová most of her professional life she has been dealing with implementation of physical activity in the treatment of psychiatric patients in Norway. Since 1974, when she started as a physical education teacher for psychiatric patients. She has taught adapted physical activity and sport and exercise psychology. Her research interests are motivation for exercise and sport and exercise and mental health. Marit has been active in international organisations for adapted physical activity and sport psychology for many years.

Běla and Marit have some similarities in their professional and also private life, their attitudes to the physical activity in psychiatry are connected in this project. Tereza Louková, member of the project team and senior lecturer at the Department of Psychology UJEP in Usti nad Labem asked both of them some questions in a short interview about the attitudes and relation to the project.