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Transport from Prague Airport to Usti nad Labem

From: Prague Airport
To: Usti nad Labem

Transport in Usti nad Labem

From Main Train station to Mirove square station 5 – 10minutes by walk

Trolley buses: connection from the station Mirove square (Mirove namesti) – lines 52, 53, 54 to the station Malatova and then about 400m to the building of the University (Horeni 13)

Hoření 3083/13, 400 11 Ústí nad Labem-Severní Terasa



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Guidelines for the contribution

You can participate in the conference in the form of the oral presentation or workshop. I tis neccessary to send the abstract f your contribution till the 13th February 2019 in the section Registration. From the contributions we will create proceedings of abstracts. In case of presentation of the research project there will possibility to publish the article in the international journal, for more information ask Běla Hátlová:

Oral presentation

  • 20 minutes and 5 minutes discussion (there will be translation to Czech language, please speak slowly :));
  • presentation in PowerPoint – please send it till the 15th February 2019 (because of translation).


  • practical seminar,
  • in gym room, possibility of change room,
  • till the 15th February 2019 please send, what you will need for your workshop.


General information

Organizational team

Organizational comitee (Department of Psychology, Pedagogical faculty, UJEP)

Mgr. Tereza Louková, Ph.D.            leader of organization

 PhDr. Iva Wedlichová, Ph.D.            leader of the Department of Psychology, financial manager

Michaela Linková                             secretary, administration, invoices, payment

PhDr. Vladislava Heřmanová, Ph.D.  Erasmus coordinator, international relationships


General information


Every participant has to book the accommodation on his/her own. We prepared some possibilities for you:

Clarion Congress Hotel Ústí nad Labem

Hotel a restaurant Větruše

Penzion Na Hvězdě

Pivovar Hotel Na Rychtě

Best Western Hotel Vladimír

Interhotel Bohemia

Pension Duel

Student’s hostel UJEP

Accommodation in private flats



General information

About conference

The International Conference of Psychomotricity was originally realized as a workshop for a small group of students of psychomotricity in Belgium and educational programs at Faculty of Education Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem in Czech Republic. The first edition was implemented in 2009. The main organizators were dr. Milena Adámková – Ségard, doc. Bela Hátlová from the Department of Psychology UJEP and prof. Michel Probst from KU Leuven in Belgium. It was a major international collaboration that significantly influenced the development of psychomotricity and psychomotor therapy in the country. Over the years, the conference came to the attention of other professionals, particularly physiotherapists from psychiatric hospitals. The conference began to be interested more and more people from the Czech Republic and abroad. Since 2012, the organization took over dr. Tereza Louková from the Department of Psychology UJEP. in years 2014 – 2017 the conference had become a part of the project PsychPAT, which deals with physical activity in psychiatric patient’s tretament in the Czech Republic and Norway. It was set up a close cooperation with the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences (NSSS) in Oslo, which has been the research center in this issue for many years.
At the conference, you can listen to a variety of theoretical lectures from the field and participate in practical workshops that are always experientially focused. The aim of the conference is to disseminate basic ideas of psychomotricity according to EFP (European Forum of psychomotricity) deepen awareness of the positive effects of natural movement on the psyche of the entire population, inspire and support participants in their work to prepare the land and space for sharing experiences, experiences in the areas of work and personal development.

Nowadays we covered with the contributions three main areas of interest:

  1. Education
  2. Psychiatry
  3. Personal development.

During conference you can be in touch with the use of movement and physical activity in all three areas, which are connected together. We hope, that everybody can find his/her field of interest.

International speakers in last years:

2010 – prof. Michel Probst, Ph.D. (K.U. Leuven, Belgium)

Dr. Pohl (Evangelische Hochschule für Sozial Arbeit, Dresden BRD)

Dr. Frank Oehmichen, Ph.D. (Klinik Bavaria Kreischa, BRD)

2011 – prof. Michel Probst, Ph.D. (K.U. Leuven, Belgium)

Prof. Dr. Attilio Nicola Carraro (University of Padua, Department of Educational Science)

Davy Vancampfort, Ph.D. (UPC-KU Leuven, Campus Kortenberg, Belgium)

2012 – Prof. Marit Sorensen (Oslo, Norway)

Prof. Gioacchino Pagliaro (Padua, Italy)

Prof. Michel Probst, Ph.D.(Leuven, Belgium)

Prof. Rui Martins (Lisboa, Portugal)

Prof. Attilio Carraro (Padua, Italy)

2013 – Prof.Guy Faulkner, PhD. (Toronto, Canada)

Prof. Michel Probst, Ph.D.(KU Leuven, Belgium) Natalia.Oganesjan , PhD. (St.-Peterburg, Russia)

Prof. Adrian Taylor, Ph.D. (Exeter, UK)

Prof.Marit Sørensen (Oslo, Norway)

Lenz Viola Sibylle(Altenburg, Germany)& Stephan Roebers (Dessau, Germany)

Davy Vancampfort, PhD. (UPC-KU Leuven, CampusKortenberg, Belgium)

Geir Haakstad (Oslo, Norway)

2014 prof. Gerd Hölter, Ph.D. (University Dortmund, Germany)

Mgr. Thesi Zak (Wien, Austria) Jean Michel Albaret, Ph.D., (University Toulouse, France)

Valentina Moro, Ph.D. (University Verona, Italy)

Davy Vancampfort, PhD. (UPC-KU Leuven, Campus Kortenberg, Belgium)

2015 – Prof. Christophe Maïano (University Quebec, Canada)

Prof. Marit Sörensen Ph.D. (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo, Norway)

Marianne Irmler, Ph.D. (University Oldenburg, Germany)

Tessa de Schipper, Ph.D. (KU Leuven, Belgium)

2016 – Prof. Marit Sørensen, Ph.D. (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo, Norway)

Mag. rer. nat. Wolfgang Ruf (University Graz, Austria)

Anders Farholm, Ph.D. (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo, Norway)

Magne Hem Stenersen (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo, Norway)

Hans Olav Østebrød (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo, Norway)

Fredrik Sørhaug Kristiansen (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo, Norway)

Geir Haakstad (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo, Norway)

2017 – Prof. Marit Sørensen, Ph.D. (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo, Norway)

Prof. Adrian H. Taylor (University Plymouth, Great Britain)

Marte Bentzen, Ph.D. (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo, Norway)

Anders Farholm, Ph.D (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo, Norway)

Magne Hem Stenersen (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo, Norway)

Mary – Anne Paterson (Rehabilitation hospital N.H.S a Cancerkin UNIT the Royal Free in London, Great Britain)